Mattress for Side Sleepers

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Sleeping on your side is thought to be the most common sleeping position. Side sleeping has many advantages, including decreased back pain, improved breathing, and improved digestion. Sleeping on your side is also advantageous to your overall health and well-being. How much help and comfort you get each night is directly related to the type of mattress you sleep on. If the mattress is unsupportive or painful, side sleepers often experience shoulder pain and lower back pain. A mattress that contours the body’s shape and relieve pressure points is particularly beneficial for side sleepers. These features reduce back and shoulder pain while also cushioning body parts that dig into the mattress more deeply. For more information, visit

What Are the Best Mattress Options for Side Sleepers?

People who prefer this role should suggest a hybrid or all-foam mattress because side sleepers need substantial pressure relief. Although some innerspring mattresses provide enough contour for side sleepers, nearly every high-performing hybrid or foam mattress provides enough pressure relief to avoid pressure sores, aches, and pains.

While memory foam comfort layers provide the best results, some people hate the “cradling” feeling they provide. Natural latex foam may be a pressure-relieving option “on” rather than “in” their bed. Depending on your budget and support preferences, latex beds are bought with a latex, pocketed coil, and polyfoam support heart.

What Is the Perfect Mattress Firmness for Side Sleepers?

Side sleepers prefer mattresses that are anywhere between medium-soft and medium-firm, but the firmness you choose should always be based on your weight.

Because how much the mattress compresses underneath you affects your subjective experience, the right firmness is comfortable. On the other hand, side sleepers can find that the appropriate firmness level causes pressure points or discomfort in their shoulder or hip. The best solution is to buy a bed with better pressure relief, which will avoid pressure points without losing comfort as a softer mattress would.

What Is the Perfect Mattress for Painful Side Sleepers?

When a side sleeper’s mattress does not provide adequate pressure relief, shoulder pain is joint. A side sleeper’s ideal mattress contours gently around the point where their shoulder

pushes into the mattress, allowing for proper upper back alignment and preventing their weight from settling directly on their shoulder point. Some people mistake a lack of pressure relief for a firm mattress, but a softer mattress is more likely to exacerbate shoulder pain rather than alleviate it.

What Is the Perfect Mattress for Hip Pain Side Sleepers? For side-sleepers experiencing hip pain, hybrid mattresses are a great option. Pocket-coils support a correct spinal alignment and avoid pressure points and lumbar strain using the pressure-relieving comfort sheet. A firm all-foam mattress can also contribute to the alleviation of hip discomfort. Some sleepers can also discover that putting a pillow between knees, regardless of their mattress, decreases their hip pain. Side sleepers mostly prefer memory foam as it gives them support and also helps them get comfort during sleep.