Does Gel-infused Mattresses really work and keep us cool?

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Sleeping on mattresses in summers can sometimes be really annoying. It is because they become hot. The only solution to this is buying a gel-infused mattress.

What are gel-infused mattresses?

Gel-infused mattresses are a type of memory foam. We all love to sleep on the best mattresses like memory foam. However, during summers, these memory foams can be a bit annoying, as they become hot. Making it difficult to sleep. 

To tackle this, technologists and sleep-experts have designed gel-infused mattresses. These mattresses contain the memory foam mattress cooling gel, especially manufactured to maintain the heat transfer. The cooling gel’s micro-beads will make the layers of memory foam more breathable; thus, reducing the heating effect.

What is the scientific evidence?

Well, so far, scientists and technologists are still unable to find some scientific grounds for it. But surveys and personal experiences, along with the qualities of gel beads, are some clear evidence that it works.

The liquid gel infused in memory foam absorbs the body heat, and it will not evaporate. This non-evaporation shows that the temperature of the liquid is not changing even after absorbing the heat.

Gel foam heats up slowly.

The thermal conductivity of the memory foam is way higher than the liquid gel. That is why most users complain that the mattress is cooler while they fall asleep, but it is relatively hot in the morning. 

What to consider while buying a gel-infused memory foam?

Saying that only the gel is responsible for cooling the mattress would be wrong. Not all memory foams with the liquid gel-infused layers can regulate the temperature.

·         Check how the gel is infused.

The way the cooling gel is infused in the memory foam says a lot about its effectiveness. If the gel is at the top layer of the memory foam, it can be one of the best mattresses during hot weather.

·         The airflow in the mattresses

If the layers are compact and tightly stacked, then chances are the mattress will become hot. Breathable material is more reliable when it comes to temperature control.

Difference between memory foam and gel-infused memory foam.

In terms of quality, the only feature that differs among these two is heat resistance. The gel-infused memory foam can manage the temperature better than the rest. All because of the type of gel-infused in it and the material of the foam.

Second, gel-infused memory foams are a bit expensive. If you want to sleep on a comparatively cool mattress, then you need to pay a few bucks more. The reason for the price difference is not only the availability of heat resistant gel but also because of the material.

Is it wise to buy the gel-filled memory foam?

Yes, it is an absolute win-win situation. The gel-infused memory foam can last longer than eight years. It can be one of the best investments for better sleep, especially for the summer season.  


The liquid gel-infused memory foam can do wonders and help you in improving sleep quality. However, along with the gel-infused feature, you should also consider the rest. Without noticing all the factors, you can never buy a satisfactory article.